Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3/13/2012. Syscom 18 Presents Its Solutions For Terminal Facilities At StocExpo 2012

Tank farms and terminals operations play a vital role in hydrocarbon supply chain. Today this business is facing a series of challenges such as the need for increasing the storage capacities, increased regulatory compliance, increasing number of fuel additives and mixes, the big costs of maintenance etc.

This is why every tank farm or terminal needs improved solutions in order to efficiently and safely store petroleum products prior to being transported to end consumers or retail facilities.

StocExpo event gave this year a good review of the market and its future developments, covering key current storage issues and presenting up to date products and services form the world's top equipment providers.

From the point of view of the Romanian system integrator Syscom 18, it is important today to identify the optimal long term solutions that will help the tank terminal companies to apply the safety standards and to efficiently work over years.

'The fiscal metering systems for liquids represent an important part within the tank terminal facilities. We can engineer, manufacture, install and calibrate MID certified metering skids for crude oil, heavy fuel oil, diesel, gasoline, LPG, kerosene, chemicals, volume and/or mass based.', says Mr. Ion Andronache, the CEO of Syscom 18.

In fact, a system integrator such as Syscom 18 provides complete solutions for the custody transfer fiscal metering packages for oil and gas industries. Its turnkey solutions in this field range from design, engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning.

Syscom 18 is by far the most important Romanian manufacturer of fiscal metering skids for liquids, other than water, according OMIL R117, Directive 2004/22/EC (MID), Directive 94/9/ EC ATEX and Directive 97/23/EC PED. The skids can have several kinds of measuring principles: PD-meter, coriolis, turbine meter or ultrasonic meter. In the last six years the Company has manufactured about 200 fiscal skids for Romania, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Iran, and Libya.

Syscom 18 applies the requirements of the European Directive 94/63/EC for the control of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) resulting from the storage of petrol and its distribution from the terminals to the service stations. Thus, as system integrator, EPC or supplier of basic and detail engineering, Syscom 18 completed the implementation of vapor recovery installations and of bottom tanker loading in 17 deposits of petroleum products. The vapor recovery skids were based on the principle of separation membranes (Borsig) or active carbon (Jordan Technologies).

Briefly, the Company provides complete solutions for tank farms: from tank gauging and firefighting to SCADA/DCS/EDS etc.

“We have modern production facilities, including test and calibration facilities as well, and specialists in mechanical, welder, electrical and metrological areas.”, Mr. Ion Andronache adds.

Syscom 18 targets clients for terminal automation systems in Romania, North Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia.


Monday, March 12, 2012

3/9/2012. Syscom 18 has organized a technical seminar on tank gauging systems

In February Syscom 18 has held a technical seminar during five days for a group of engineers from Nigeria, providing detailed information about tank gauging systems to determine the stocks of products contained by the tank farms based on servo technology of measuring the level.

The training aimed at exposing the current technology of measuring, installing, configuration, use and maintenance of all equipment components of the systems so their functioning would be performing.

Starting from basic knowledge, developing facts about technology, programming, communication systems, measurements and tests, installation and data acquisition, Syscom 18 offered the Nigerian representatives a complete and up to date presentation.

Based on its experience and knowledge accumulated over time as a system integrator, Syscom 18 has organized many such seminars for specialists from abroad, addressing a wide range of topics related to equipment and solutions for industrial automation and process control.

3/28/2011 - Seminar UNITRONICS 2011

Between 22nd - 23rd of March 2011 we had the pleasure to have as guest Mr. Ofir Levi from the UNITRONICS Technical Department - Israel.

During the seminary there have been presented the newest UNITRONICS equipment as following:

- programable automaton type V560
- programable automaton type V1040
- programable automaton V130-33-TR6
- extension module EX-A2X
- snap I/O module V200-18-E62B
- I/O module AI8

In the same time have been discussed important aspects concerning the PLC UNITRONICS programming as well as:

- the achieving of the programmable automatic systems for distribution
- systemsand the protocols for CANBus, CANOpen, and UNICan
- connection of GSM modems to UNITRONICS programmable automaton
- recording of the data on the memory cards
- using the WEB server function

The seminary was very practical, being performed from the simplest to the most complex applications.

We should like to thank to all the persons (collaborators and partners) who answered to our invitation to participate to this event.

Also, we want to assume you that you can always count on us as the only distributors in Romania for UNITRONICS products.

12/6/2011. Syscom 18 has realized for the first time a palletizing machine

Syscom 18 has realized for the first time the automation of a palletizing robot for heavy boxes specifically designed for Romtec Iasi and it will be used for palletizing the boxes with windshield fluid produced by the company in Iasi.

The robot is designed to pick up the items on a conveyor belt and place them with a high precision on a pallet. Basically Syscom 18 has made the design, integration into the system and commissioning, and the components come from well-known suppliers in the field of automation.

Thus the mechanical part comes from the Italian company – Italiana Robot-, the CNC control is provided by CNC 802D sl Siemens SINUMERIK and the actions part are represented by Siemens actuators, driven by Sinamics dimmers. To set-up such a machine, the average time is about a month, once the engineers have all the parts coming from suppliers by special order.

By making for the first time this kind of robot, Syscom 18 expands its skills, creating a machine having features that require minimum maintenance and it is easy to use.

Specifically built to meet the requirements related to performance and payload, the robot is reliable (shows high production times), fast (its optimized design ensures short cycle palletizing), precise (high accuracy), strong (high capacity payload), robust (it is resistant to difficult environments) and flexible (it can be integrated in various lines of pallets).
To view the robot in action, please watch the video and the photos.

10/25/2011. Mapner - industrial blowers and vacuum pumps for air and gas

SYSCOM 18 delivers in Romania industrial blowers and vacuum pumps for air and gas produced by the Mapner Company. 

9/16/2011. Syscom 18 presented its offer at the Oil & Gas exhibition in Indonesia

Syscom 18, together with the Spanish Commercial Gasso Company presented its latest equipment and integrated services dedicated to the oil and gas sector in Indonesia, at the International Fair Oil & Gas, in September 21-24.

The Fair, attracting hundreds of exhibitors from dozens of countries, enjoyed a wide audience and the presence of specialists, providing good opportunity for networking.

The exhibition provides a platform for oil and gas professionals to share knowledge ranging from traditional applications to the use of cutting-edge technology, from general themes to specific technical topics, and from past results to present field experience.

The energy sector from this part of the world is constantly growing and the Indonesia’s potential to cater to this demand keeps the pace of growth.

The opportunities for investment in this sector are high if we think that the Indonesian government aims to increase oil production to one million bpd in the coming years by offering new exploration rights and encouraging enhanced production from existing wells.

Indonesian Oil & Gas Exhibition

9/7/2011. Syscom 18 celebrated 20 years of activity

On the 2nd of September Syscom 18 celebrated 20 years of activity.

The event was held at the Athénée Palace Hilton Bucharest and was attended by 200 people: business partners and clients, collaborators, employees.

The highlights (presentations, speeches, fireworks, birthday cake) and the whole evening as well were animated by live music, dance and fun.

'Traditionally, the first Friday in September we are celebrating another year of activity. This year we reach an important age, therefore we decided to celebrate it with a special anniversary event, together with all those we work with every day, those who support us and help us move forward, whether we talk about colleagues, clients or partners. We thank all of them.', said Mr. Ion Andronache, the president of Syscom 18.

20 years ago, a team of 18 specialists in automation, electronic and engineering design established the company specialized in industrial automation, which has become today a leading provider of integrated solutions for automation and measurement systems on the Romanian market.

6/24/2011. Romania celebrated on June 24 the International Year of Chemistry by Contemporary Chemistry Conferences

The year 2011 was declared by the United Nations 'The International Year of Chemistry', to celebrate the achievements in chemistry and its contributions to the welfare of the humanity.

One of the actions that took place in Romania under this aegis was the fifth edition of the symposium 'Contemporary Chemistry Conference' organized by the Chemistry Library and Syscom 18, in association with the Romanian Academy and Society of Chemistry in Romania. This symposium has a tradition of 12 years and this year took place on the 24th of June.

This year the cycle of conferences continued with lecture, 'How functional groups interact? Studies on Cyclophanes' sustained by Professor Henning Hopf from the Technical University of Braunschweig in Germany. This conference was enrolled in the series 'Lectures Nenitescu-Criegge' organized within an agreement between the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker and the Romanian Academy.

Symposium was led by the President of the Editorial College of the Chemistry Magazine, Dr. Peter Philip, director of the Center for Organic Chemistry 'Costin D. Nenitescu' at the Romanian Academy.

Besides the mentioned lecture, Professor Ionel Haiduc, President of the Romanian Academy, made a brief presentation about the cycle of conferences Nenitescu-Criegge and Professor Sorin Ioan Rosca, University 'Politehnica' of Bucharest, President of the Chemical Society of Romania, stressed brief history of scientific collaboration between teachers Costin D. Nenitescu and Rudolf Criegge, collaboration related to one of the hottest topics of the time - cyclobutadiene chemistry.

Syscom 18, main shareholder at the Chemistry Library, with the main activity related to industrial automation and measurement systems with multiple applications in chemistry, is the sole sponsor of this action year after year. This sponsorship made possible inviting personalities and also made carrying the last five editions of the conference in excellent conditions provided by 'Le Diplomate' room of the Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel.

6/2/2011. Syscom18 at AEGPL Congress

 The company Syscom18 was present at the exhibition within this year’s AEGPL Congress, together with other industry leaders, including the French company Siraga.

The extensive applications of LPG in the local market leads to growth among the local suppliers of equipment needed for the implementation of the projects or for the control of the systems and facilities.

“Over the last five years, I found a real increase on the local LPG market, reflected in new orders placed. One of the last projects we’ve completed was the warehouse automation system at ButanGas, one of the largest LPG distributors in Europe. In the same time since 2005 we are representing in Romania the French company Siraga, well-known designer of customized solutions for the LPG industry (butane & propane).”, says Ion Andronache.

The Congress took place for the first time this year in Bucharest, between 22 and 24 June at the Parliament Palace.

5/25/2011. Systems Integrators Will Present Turnkey Solutions In Malaysia At OGA 2011 Exhibition

Systems integrators are taking with each year a larger role within the oil and gas expanding sectors as they have wider experience across many projects and situations and this trend continues to reflect this year too at the worldwide exhibitions.

The Romanian company Syscom18 together with the Spanish company Comercial Gasso will present the newest integrated services in oil and gas industries in Malaysia at OGA 2011 exhibition, 1st-3rd June.

Oil and Gas Asia (OGA) 2011, the 13th Asian Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition, takes place at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd June. The exhibition is Asia’s biggest oil and gas show and provides an unrivalled opportunity for companies looking to do business in this dynamic industry sector.

5/5/2011 Automation and Instrumentation news at the most important fair in Romania

Specialists in automation and instrumentation will present the latest innovations and solutions at worldwide level within the most important event dedicated to this area: Romanian Automation & Instrumentation - Laboratory Fair organized by Association for Automation and Instrumentation in Romania (A.A.I.R.) on 10-12th of May 2011 at Sala Palatului Bucharest.

The Romanian company Syscom 18, one of the national leaders in industrial automation and system integrator, will present at the fair a comprehensive offer to provide details on the latest equipment and industrial applications from all areas of automation and instrumentation (automation, measurements, processing, industrial software, communication systems, industrial computers, PLCs, controllers, actuators, electrical and electronic components and systems, laboratory equipment, etc.).

On 10 and 11th of May there will be held a symposium and ten companies, specialists with technical education and government bodies with attributions within related topics will deliver presentations at the event. On these presentations will be held debates on the latest news in the world. The entrance is free.